07 September 2012


Before we had moved to Nevada, I was super confident with who I was. I knew what I wanted, and I always just went with the flow, not caring what people thought of me. I wanted to continue with that attitude when we moved here, but sometimes atmospheres change, and it's difficult to maintain that confidence. I didn't just loose confidence in myself... I shoved it into a giant bush, and left it to hide underneath a whole lot of uncertainty. 
That was a tough year and a half, but I wouldn't change it for anything. It helped me find out who I was, and what I really wanted, and it also chopped my pride down a bunch.
Now that we live in our new house, and now that I attend Liberty High School, my self confidence has soared. I was so sick of hiding, but Heavenly Father gave me a new chance to start all over again.
I want to share with you things that help me

#1. If I feel cute in what I'm wearing, and in how my hair or make-up is done, I have a better day. I can actually stand up straight, and feel good about myself.
(This is actually not me, but isn't it so cute?!)

#2. Smiling makes a difference. Not just for you, but also for people around you. People love to talk with happy people. When people see you not smiling, it makes it an awkward relationship situation for anyone,  so just remember to smile.

#3. Have a positive attitude in everything. Look at it in an optimistic point-of-view.

#4. BE YOURSELF! Who cares what others think of you? 
If they don't like you for YOU, then they don't deserve to know you.

#5. Judging = nono.

 #6. Service

#7. Take a moment to just listen.
and that's about it folks! But, just because I love this quote, I'm going to add it to the mix!

Have a fantastic day!
Love, Brianne.


  1. Brianne you are so stinkin cute! I am glad you are happier cause you deserve the world.

  2. I love you!!!!! This was my favorite post on your blog yet! :)