22 May 2012

A Small Part of my Testimony

Life is like a sandy beach. You have so much fun through out the day, building sand castles, and appreciating the view, but at the end of the day there is sand everywhere. Sometimes we have annoying grains of sand in our fun, testimony building, humbling lives. I feel like we need to face the grains of sand head on, like you would at the beach. Wash away all that sand, and know that you can always start fresh. Don't let it stick around. It's not like you'd be sitting in your sandy swimming suit once you got home from the beach, right? So why stand around in your grief and sins? Confront Heavenly Father about it. He'll listen, I promise you. 

 The Atonement is so important to me. Not just because Christ suffered for our sins, but also because He felt all of our grief. He knows how hard it is sometimes, and He knows how awful it feels to be sad. Knowing that He knows how I feel on a personal level helps me realize that I'm totally loved and not alone! I love knowing that, and I feel like some people forget it, or that they don't address it as often as they should. Obvi it's not the most important part of The Atonement, (being clean of our sins is) but I feel like its vital for our relationship with His Son. 

 Remember that there is always time to repent, and never feel like God doesn't want to hear from you, because he loves you, and loves to hear from you, no matter what it is you want to talk about. He understands you, and our Savior understands you. That's the conclusion of a small part of my testimony. Love, Brianne :)

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