22 September 2011


...It's been a while. I'm terrible.....
.... >.<
Well...School started, and my one goal is to get all A's, because I really am finding that I want to get into BYU, and it's difficult if you have a low GPA, and looking at my end-of-the-year grades last year(A's and B's...not bad, but not good) I need to pick it up!
Anyways, school, it's started, and it's a million times better this year, because, I think it's that I have just more friends now. (Girls from my ward:))
I'm in marching band, and I'm rockin it. I forgot how much I miss playing music!! But I'm back at it, and it's AWESOME:)

Schhhooooll,. That's about it. Oh yeah, and I've also been driving everywhere....so just...watch out. I'm a pretty good driver, if I must say, but people may beg to differ.

Y'all rock. Remember who you are. Don't do drugs. All that jazz.
Love, Brianne. :D


  1. Hey Brianne!

    It's your old 5th grade teacher, Miss Burbach (Mrs. Redd). I came across your blog in a crazy round-about way but I was so excited to hear how life is going for you. I hope you are enjoying everything in Vegas. Keep up the great work in school. I can hardly believe you'll be in college in just a few short years! I still have my old email address: missburbach@gmail.com I'd love to hear where you end up going and what you are going to study. I stopped teaching 2 years ago and now stay at home with my baby girl, Anastasia. Life is great! Hope you are doing well!
    Mrs. Redd